IFCA US Team’s Collaboration with TOMODACHI Alumni (IFCA Japan Team) in Tokyo, Shizuoka and Fukuoka

The following IFCA US Team members will be in Japan from Saturday 3/19 through Monday 3/28.
  • Timothy Bell (IFCA Board Member, Former Foster Care Alumni Member and Co-Director of Youth Programs)
  • Janice Cole (IFCA’s Co-Director of Youth Programs, Former Foster Care Alumni Member)
  • Gia Mckinzie (IFCA Board Member)
  • Miho Awazu (IFCA Board President)
Tim (age 29) and Janice (age 25) travelled to Japan in  March 2015.  These two veteran IFCA alumni are now taking leading roles in the organization.  We were invited to speak at an all day event in Shizuoka. The sponsor of this event is ふじ虹の会, a local foster parent association in Fuji City, Shizuoka.  This association collected government and private grants to make this event possible.  
While this Shizuoka event is the main reason why we are traveling to Japan, we will have a series of events during the week of 3/20, and the following TOMODACHI Alumni in Tokyo will be participating in our activities in 東京、静岡、福岡 as well.  
  • Yukika Tomizawa
  • Susumu Yamanouchi
  • Chihiro Sato
  • Yoshie Hoshiko
For more information about the TOMODACHI Initiative, please see this link:
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Sunday 3/20 IFCA Strategic Sharing Workshop: Tim and Janice will lead this workshop in Tokyo.  Strategic Sharing is a leadership building method that foster youth and foster care alumni in the United States use when they speak about their own foster cares experiences to various audiences.  Most of the IFCA Japan Alumni Team members and their adult supporters will be attending this event.  
Monday 3/21  IFCA Seminar in Fuji City sponsored by Fuji Nijinokai: During this all day event, IFCA US and Japan members will be presenting on various themes such as foster care in the United States and in Japan, mental health and foster youth, and etc.  From the Tokyo Team, a new member, Takeki Takahashi  will be participating in the panel discussion. 
Thursday 3/24  Panel Discussion by Leaders from Several Greater Tokyo Area Nonprofit Organizations that are serving foster children and foster youth.  Tim and Janice will be giving short speeches about how to involve foster youth in the discussion about youth service delivery and program development.  TOMODACHI alumni, Yukika Tomiawa, will be speaking at this event. 
Saturday 3/26   IFCA 2nd Mental Health Forum in Tokyo: Besides Janice and Gia, TOMODACHI alumni, Chihiro Sato will be presenting a speech that was first given at the APSAC (American Professional Society for the Abuse of Children) in Boston in July 2015. 
Saturday 3/26  Fukuoka Atarashii Kizuna Forum will be held by Familyship Fukuoka (an NPO in Fukuoka city): Tim and I will be the plenary speakers and we will be giving a presentation on the youth development model and independent living legislation in the US.  TOMODACHI alumni, Yukika Tomiawa, will be participating in the panel discussion in this event.  

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