Current Status of Japanese Foster Youth and Alumni

In Japan, when parents are unable to care for their own children, the governmental organizations step in to care for these children. This system is called “foster care" or “out of home care". However,

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Current Status of American Foster Youth and Alumni

Each year, more than 20,000 foster youth leave the system after turning the legal age of 18. It is true in both Japan and U.S. that normal teens have difficulty becoming independent right after turnin

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“I Am From” Lana

(Texas Tech University) Abstract My poem is a wrap up of my life. I choose to separate my poem into 4 different stanzas because there were four different times in my life. The first stanza is whe

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My Name is Sang-Won

(English version written by the author) My name is Sang-Won. I was born in Boston, 1991. My father seemed to be a Korean American doctor, and my mother was a Korean immigrant descendent in Japan, who

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How to Submit Your Work

Currently, our NPO is inviting foster youth and alumni to send their essays, poems, and art works. A stipend ($100) will be given...

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