Voices of Japanese Clinicians Who Received Dr. Fitzgerald’s TF-CBT Training

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 Dr. Monica Fitzgerald visited Japan in May-June 2013, and provided seminars and open/closed consultations in several cities in Japan. Currently, the second televised consultation is starting for a group of Japanese clinicians who received Monica’s first workshop in November 2012.

Here are the Voices of Japanese Clinicians Who Received Dr. Fitzgerald’s Training

  •  Before receiving Monica-sensei’s TF-CBT workshop, I was at my wits end in treating severely impacted young trauma victims.  Care providers came to my clinic feeling like “clutching even at straws (Japanese proverb)” to find therapy that works for their children with post traumatic stress disorder.  Now, I am confident that this breakthrough treatment method will provide me and other Japanese clinicians with the foundations and skills necessary to work with our invaluable clients. 
  •  Monica’s approach is extremely inspiring, energetic, and down to earth.  We are lucky to be able to learn this cutting-edge treatment method from a trainer like her without leaving the country. 

2013 May, Open Consultation Flier (Japanese)

Dr. Monica Fitzgerald [Colorado Kempe Center}, Shiho Kunihiro [Interpreter]   with the Tokyo TF-CBT Students

Dr. Monica Fitzgerald [Colorado Kempe Center], Shiho Kunihiro [Interpreter] with Tokyo TF-CBT Students

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