The US Alumni and Professional Team will be traveling to Japan!

4 selected members from IFCA's US Alumni and Professional Teams will arrive in Tokyo on 3/17 for their 10-day trip. They will be collaborating and presenting in 5 events in 5 separate cities (Fuji

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IFCA Alumni Members to Present at the 21st ISPCAN International Congress

Janice Cole, Janell Braxton and S.Y. (IFCA US Foster Care Alumni Team) will be traveling to Calgary, Canada this next week to present at the 21st ISPCAN International Congress!!! ジャニスとジャネル、そしてサンウォンがI

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Reflection on the 23rd APSAC Colloquium in Boston

S.Y I attended the 23rd Annual Colloquium of American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) in Boston, from July 23rd to 24th 2015. Many professionals such as psychiatrists, psychol

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Monica Fitzgerald, Ph.D. will visit Japan in September 2014!

[Scheduled TF-CBT Training in Tokyo ] Monica Fitzgerald, Ph.D. from the Kempe Center (University of Colorado) will be providing 3-day TF-CBT training in Tokyo. This is the second time that an A

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Voices of Japanese Clinicians Who Received Dr. Fitzgerald’s TF-CBT Training

◎ IFCA-sponsored TF-CBT Dissemination Project is Moving Forward!!  Dr. Monica Fitzgerald visited Japan in May-June 2013, and provided seminars and open/closed consultations in several cities in Jap

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How to Submit Your Work

Currently, our NPO is inviting foster youth and alumni to send their essays, poems, and art works. A stipend ($100) will be given...

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